I am an artist and illustrator, with a love for all things floral, folk, and fiber art.

Joy Laforme, Image by Brooke Courtney

Graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I began painting and illustrating shortly thereafter. I have always enjoyed painting from folk art inspiration and in a contemporary folk art style. I love that folk art can be both texturally simple as well as deeply intricate.

I see the world in an array of colors, even on the greyest of days. I am happiest when my hands and feet are covered in dirt from a day in my garden.

Growing up I spent a lot of my time with Mom in her vegetable and flower gardens (I often find that I still do). Many of the subjects, motifs, and images you'll find in my art are pieces of mine and my Mother's garden that I carry with me. I puzzle together pieces of nostalgia with bits of dreamy worlds. I like challenging myself to paint pieces that are timeless and are a window into a faraway world that almost looks like a memory.

I work from my home studio in New Jersey, in a small town right outside of New York City. I use a variety of mediums to acheive my aesthetic including gouache and digital illustration. 

Clients & Buyers

Design House Greetings
American Greetings
The Art Group
True South Puzzle
Andover Fabrics

Georgetown University
Southern Weddings Magazine
Deny Designs

Bed Bath & Beyond

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